Sambhav Foundation | Saksham
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There is an urgent need to realign the skill ecosystem in the country to ensure quality, scalability and sustainability. Though India has the advantage of a higher population of youth, which can be refined to build a skilled workforce in the near future, the numbers to be trained are very large.

On one side, the percentage of youth getting formal skill training is very low and on the other side, the unavailability of appropriately-skilled manpower. Through Saksham, we address this issue and bridge the gap. The program is exclusively designed to empower Men, Women and Youth through skilling.


Skilling, as a livelihood intervention, is a crucial step in ensuring long-term positive social impact in communities. Through a holistic approach of integrating education and community development with employability and entrepreneurship, we ensure sustainable livelihood for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. We provide technical and vocation skills to enable employability and entrepreneurship and improve the socioeconomic status of people. We collaborate with large organisations and other NGOs to ensure far-reaching environmental, social and economic impacts in their value chains through CSR Partnerships.



We conduct training and upskilling of existing workforce at the workplace, to enable career growth. We also undertake on-the-job training programs to enable certifications, and fill gaps in existing and requisite skill sets.


We have made a constructive impact on more than 16,000 lives through our skill development programme. We mapped the skills with employment opportunities available in their region and observed that youth aspired to build their careers in sectors such as Apparel, Beauty, Construction and Automotive for livelihoods. We also saw great interest in Furniture & Fittings, Organized Retail and IT-ITeS sectors as well.



Entrepreneurship is a key factor that leads to sustainable economic development in different sectors and regions. Under our Entrepreneurship program, we offer educational initiatives such as digital and financial literacy. We actively work on facilitating capital funds, developing business plans, and mentoring hand-holding for up to three years.