• Ravi R Nadig
    My son Navaneeth has been studying with Sambhav Foundation for a couple of years. Prior to joining Sambhav, he was hyperactive and had other behavioural problems. Now, I find a lot of changes in him, and a lot of improvement. I appreciate that Sambhav takes good care of all students – from small kids of older adults. At Sambhav, the fees are affordable and the facilities provided are excellent. I am very happy with the principal, the teaching staff, and the school.
    Ravi R Nadig
    Parent of Navaneeth at Sambhav School
  • Harish
    I live in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. I travelled every day to the training centre in Bangalore, to attend classes – I didn’t miss a single day. It was a 30-minute journey, which I made by public transport. Before the training, I used to work in my uncle’s garage as I had quit formal education after 10th standard. On his insistence, I took the course and now I am glad I developed my skills as an automobile technician. I have my own auto garage now and working towards opening my bike showroom in future.
    Former trainee, Bangalore Centre
  • Sadiya Shaikh
    I am a married woman from a low middle class conservative family who has never set foot outside the house to earn a living despite financial problems at home. But I always wanted to acquire some skills in beauty and wellness and open my own parlour. It was difficult to attend classes during the program due to family resistance, but my husband and the trainer kept me motivated. Sambhav has helped me realise my dream by providing such wonderful training and then helping me open my own beauty salon.
    Sadiya Shaikh
    Former trainee, Mumbai Centre
  • Aman Sharma
    I had only one dream - to learn mobile technology. My poor financial background was the only thing that kept me from realizing this dream. Sambhav’s smartphone repair technician course has fulfilled my dream and helped me launch my career in this field. I want to take his passion to the next level by starting my own mobile shop and becoming an entrepreneur.
    Aman Sharma
    Former trainee, Gharaunda Centre
  • Nalini Umesh
    I am Mrs, Nalilni Umesh, mother of Poornachandra. He is 12 yrs old & is suffering from L.G.S. All his milestones are delayed & totally dependent on me. He loves to come to school, enjoys being with other children. He is showing small improvements. The teachers are also working hard to see improvements in him. The people here are very co-operative.
    Nalini Umesh
    Parent of Poornachandra at Sambhav School
  • Sunita Mane
    I was very poor in studies, so I dropped out of school early. When I grew up, I realized the importance of education, especially for people like me hailing from economically disadvantaged background. Now, after my vocational course in Retail Sales with Sambhav Foundation, I possess sufficient skills to work in the retail sector and stand on my own feet. My family is relieved too as I am able to supplement the family income.
    Sunita Mane
    Former Trainee, Pune Centre
  • Bhirendra Bhatt
    I am from a small village in Uttarakhand, and moved to Bangalore to look for a job. I had start attending college but lost interest, and often simply stayed home. One day I heard some students talking about some automobile training program. I found out more about it and joined the course. I realised, I like working with my hands, and I liked fixing cars more than sitting in a classroom to study. I am yet to complete the course, but if I had not attended the training program, I would have probably dropped out of college and would be looking for a job without being specific. I would have never realized that I actually liked fixing cars.
    Bhirendra Bhatt
    SKF Center, Bommasandra
  • Parmila Sagayarani
    I am a homemaker and I have just completed the tailoring program offered by LabourNet. I learned about the course when one of the staff of the center knocked at my door and explained it to me. I joined the course out of curiosity as I had heard about such courses that help people like me earn money from their own homes. I wanted to see if I could achieve that as well. After doing the course, I have been working from my own house as a tailor, and I am earning money. Had I not attended the course, I would have never known embroidery, and my friends and family would never respect me the way they do now that I am earning my own money. Therefore, I recommended the course to my sisters, and I hope they join.
    Parmila Sagayarani
    HUL Center, Pondicherry