Empowering by Skilling

Skilling, as a livelihood intervention, is a crucial step in ensuring long-term positive social impact in communities. We focus on providing technical and vocation skills to men, women and youth to enable employability and entrepreneurship.

The three areas we focus on are:

Our advisory services assist corporates on a range of activities including setting up of Skill Development and Livelihood centres; conducting impact assessment of projects; and strategic consulting in different sectors and regions, especially on community related livelihood interventions.

Empowering Youth

We educate, inspire, and empower youth and enable them to be a part of sustainable community solutions. Education, combined with skill sets, heightens individual and community well-being.

We develop and implement several vocational training problems in schools:

  • Awareness campaigns and capacity building programs on various subjects such as health & hygiene, energy conservation, waste management, and water conservation and management.
  • Physical education, and sports training / workshops.
  • Awareness campaigns on child abuse & sexual harassment.
  • Career counselling, life skills workshops, and vocational training in schools to enable horizontal and vertical career moves for the aspiring youth.
  • Training workshops for teachers and educators.

A key area of our work with the youth is identifying and working with underprivileged youth, especially school drop-outs/ college outs, and first-time learners. We hand hold and guide them through the duration of training and beyond till they are capable of earning their livelihood.

Rural & Community Development

Our community and rural development programs are implemented with our corporate partners. We sit across and work together to create the right program that reaches all our target beneficiaries: men, women and youth. The key areas we work on are Heath, Women Empowerment and Environment.


Under Healthcare, we work with existing and new workforce on skilling and upskilling to ensure employability as well as career growth. In addition, we implement awareness campaigns, nukkad natak (street plays), workshops and capacity building programs in various health and hygiene areas.

Women Empowerment

Participation of women in the workforce is fundamental to women’s rights. It enables them to challenge discrimination and gender inequalities. Skills development of women, thus, is key to improving and enhancing sustainable development and livelihoods. At Sambhav Foundation, we have been able to empower women through various skill development programs, and have enabled them to be a part of the family income. We work with women who are keen on being entrepreneurs, and groom them to set up their own businesses. We equip them with digital and financial literacy, provide capital support, and also mentor them for up to three years.