Saksham for Livelihood Enablement

Enabling employment and entrepreneurship opportunities can be a powerful engine of change in the society, and this is one of our key goals. For Saksham, we work with LabourNet, our Knowledge and Implementing Partner.

We create long-term social impact programs with corporates, especially through sports, education, awareness programs, campaigns, and vocation training in schools. Through professional counselling and mentoring, we create awareness about different career paths.

We conduct a range of training sessions including life skills training, and upskilling and reskilling to enable employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. With rural communities, we implement community or rural development programs, in the areas of health, environment, and women, especially on Women Entrepreneurship Development programs.

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Saadhya at Sambhav School

At Sambhav School, we focus on getting children with disabilities back to school. We counsel the family members caring for them, and guide them through the possible process.

We educate and assist children with necessary skill sets that help them reach their full potential. These skill sets are based on their individual assessment and needs. We also provide life skills training to the adolescents and adults with psychosocial disabilities.

All our education and therapy programs are conducted at Sambhav School. At present, the school has around 80 children with disabilities, and a staff that includes teachers, counsellors, assistants and a cook. Most of the children in our school hail from disadvantaged economic backgrounds, and funding for this area, remains one of our key challenges.

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Saakshi for Women Empowerment

We start with early intervention programs to help girl children who are underprivileged and have a disadvantaged background. We also provide financial support for education of girls. The girls are trained about life skills through experiential learning, based on WHO life skills. We encourage children to think independently and inculcate values of life. We help them to enrich their abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour.