About Sambhav

About Us

Sambhav Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation committed to improving lives and creating a positive social impact. We do this through intervention programs for disadvantaged youth and children with disabilities (cognitive, developmental, intellectual, and psychosocial); implement education and awareness programs in schools and communities; skilling and upskilling of men, women, and youth from socially disadvantaged and vulnerable backgrounds.

Our key focus is to assist people achieve their full potential, and live the best life possible. To this end, we actively engage in the research and development of strategic tools that are central to our programs to grow, improve, and create long-term impacts.

Enabling entrepreneurship is an integral part of our youth-oriented programs. We mentor and support individuals and groups to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set, empowering them to become self-employed or run micro-enterprises.

LabourNet is the Knowledge and Implementing Partner of Sambhav Foundation.

Empowering People, Transforming Lives